Decentralized News Ecosystem

CryptoPol News builds a global Decentralized News Ecosystem where token owners participate in the Decentralized Editorial Chain alongside journalists and proofreaders, making information reliable and validated.

Get to know the Ecosystem

See for yourself what's in the plan and what we are doing.


News created by people / project owners and validated by $CPNEWS token owners

CryptoPol News is building an ecosystem, a community and tools that will empower people to become journalists and analysts. It will relay, validate and broadcast verifiable information in a decentralized way.

This will allow anyone to create news articles, the community to validate the reliability and the quality of the news and distribute validated news in full freedom, anonymously or not.

In this way everyone can feel confident in the information being broadcast. Meanwhile this validated, published news will generate token rewards to be shared with all chain participants.

What to expect?

Discover what we have planned to strengthen press freedom and the dissemination of accurate information.

Real News, your freedom

CryptoPol News has no political allegiances and no economic interests other than sharing correct news. Write your documented news freely and be part of the community.

Rewards generator

The funds collected through the platform's activities will be shared proportionally, in $CPNEWS tokens, amongst all participants of the editorial chain.

Guaranteed data protection

On CryptoPol News, all data is fully protected by the power of the blockchain, allowing journalists to write news article anonymously. Sources are protected as well.

Multipurpose voting app

Although the main purpose of our voting app is to vote on content, we plan to include wallet functionalities, such as staking and much more.

Change the world

Professional journalist or not, you are welcome to write and share news that is close to you or that interests you. On any subject.

A Powerful ecosystem

This is stage 1. Future stages will include, among others, metaverse news TV channels to expand the reach of a free and accurate press.

Our project Roadmap

Our roadmap details the main activities planned for 2022 and begin 2023.
Phase 5, with the launch of test versions of w3bedrock, is expected towards the end of Q3 2022. Official launch of w3bedrock in the same quarter and the news platfrom is planned for Q2 2023.

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Voting Application

At the heart of our ecosystem, the voting app will allow $CPNEWS token holders to participate in the editorial chain. They will validate news articles and projects they deem accurate and relevant.

Decentralization in your pocket

The CryptoPol News apps will bring amazing functionalities beyond its main purpose of allowing users to vote on articles and beyond. It will also be usable as a cold wallet, as a means to stake tokens, and many other possibilities that we will announce in the future.

Power To The People!

Way more than just an app, it’s about freedom and access to information. It’s about your right to be well informed and to participate in the dissemination of accurate, unbiased news without any kind of censorship... from your pocket.

w3bedrock, first from the ecosystem

w3bedrock will be the first Ecosystem creation and its purpose is to certify and evaluate new and existing w3 projects using different kind of technologies. More details can be found on

Common Questions

What are the objectives of CryptoPol News?

CryptoPol News, with its ecosystem, aims to be among the first decentralized News Ecosystem allowing anyone, professional journalist or not, to participate directly in the editorial chain, (writing, validation and publication of news approved by the community).

What is the Token pre-sale and public sale?

The token Pre-sale will allow early supporters of CryptoPol News to own $CPNEWS tokens before others. Public sale will occur several weeks later and be open to all interested individuals or companies that would like to support CryptoPol News and be part of the editorial chain.

When is the pre-sale start date?

The exact date for both the pre-sale and the public sale will be announced. Connect with us to be sure not to miss important information on current and future stages of the project.

How may I take part in pre-sale and public sale?

More information about the pre-sale and the public sale will be shared through community channels. Connect with us to be sure not to miss important information.

What future stages of the CryptoPol news ecosystem are planned?

Well, it is a bit early, but we can confirm plans to launch a metaverse news TV channel where avatars with a real human behind them will present the news,. There are also other projects for the ecosystem that will be revealed at a later stage. Stay connected with us.

Who is behind the project?

At present we are not disclosing the identity of people involved in the CryptoPol News project because of the current international context, the disruptive potential of the project, et al. We only can say that it is a collaboration of different companies.

When is the platform expected to be launched?

As per our roadmap, the test platform with a bug bounty program, is expected to be launched at the end of Q3 (the end of summer) 2022. The “live” platform is expected during Q4 2022. Connect with us to follow the progress.

Token Distribution


10% Taxes on all transactions

Rewards to HODLers

Funds Allocation